„Stories for Europe” – Harvesting Part 3: The Time Travel Stories

We met in Aachen to share our stories that make Europe relevant to us, to reflect on the values and attributions we associate with the concept “Europe” and to re-author Europe’s future (see here and here our blogposts and more rich harvest at www.stories-for-europe.eu). We wanted to contribute to a future that gives space for a dialogue culture, for alternative stories opposing the right-wing narrations, and for diversity.

But how can this be done, to “re-author Europe’s future”?

Approaching an abstract topic such as “Europe” and at the same time trying to make some assumptions about the future is not only complicated – I am sure, it is not possible at all. But one way, that works fairly, is to collect stories that are meaningful for each of us.

To travel in the future therefore is easier, when you start the journey in the past. There every person can discover moments, that are meaningful for him/her. In the past we find those stories that explain our values and our ways of perceiving the present. The past justifies our behaviour and mind set in the present. And it paves the way for travelling into the future:

  • the narrations a person chooses from the past are a very reliable indicator, of what a person might wish for the future.

  • The first step to contribute to a future that pleases us, is to re-narrate it on the grounds of the own values.

Out of these thoughts I offered a session at “Stories for Europe” that was called “Time Travel”.
We searched for meaningful stories about Europe in our past, to find out about our attitudes towards Europe regarding the present and to jump into our projections of the future of Europe.

Annet Scheringa (http://www.thestoryconnection.nl/) is the first of three persons who share their stories of the Time Travel through Europe – enjoy her narration about

Crossing Borders!


Christine Erlach

Original post was published at Narrata.

Christine Erlach